Friday, May 13, 2016

After 6 years..

I came back to Sheffield again for a visit. I was looking at places to stay so I searched Google and came across Homely Apartments as one of Sheffield Service Apartments.

I ended up staying with them..

It is a Sheffield based serviced apartments. Great views, amazing people. High floors and well equipped. It really gives you that homely feeling. Most importantly, the price is very competitive!

Highly recommended to everyone to stay with Homely Apartments.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


new year new post new.. new thoughts la! =D okaayy.. yea

winter now at the moment. really cold. "never been seen before in 30 years such drastic cold weather" quoted from BBC.. almost everyday they are saying this. well i shut my windows and turn the heater on.. i still feel like there is an aircon beside me =S basically.. its VERY COLD!! hmm.. dun u think its abit like wat u saw in 2012??

well.. life still goes on anyway. my exams are coming soon. holidays are ending. haven got a job yet.. are you ppl freaking racist or wat???? sherlock holmes is nice.. oh and 2010 is full of amazing nice shows! but uk movie is expensive =S PS3.. sigh. i need more $$! pls give me a job will ya!!!

cant really do much activities during the winter. too cold to do. especially this year. oh yea i spent my holidays and a few weeks b4 it travelling around uk. newcastle, manchester, durham, york, london. im planning to go scotland at feb/march to visit my beloved sister. and maybe wales in the further years later. hence my uk travelling is much done =) i wanna go italy!!

everyone seems to be very busy with their uni and life. i seriously need to ask them out when im back. a trip. might be nice.. redang or sipadan or maybe perhaps phuket? =D

thats all for now, cya!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

i aim for this.

will be waiting one day to be there!

Monday, October 26, 2009


seriously.. not dat i want to abandon this blog but its either im too busy doing smth or cooking or washing stuff.. or marathoning all sorts of drama with robin.. HEY HEY HEY!!! but im back to write smth here! erm.. well they say that when u go overses to study.. u will miss ur home country, ur family frens and feel miserable.. hmm.. really ar? so when issit gonna happen to me?? haha! think im that kind of person hu just like to travel all around the world and experience diff stuff! quoted from robin's cousin - david.. once u experienced life here in uk, u'll think that msia is a stupid place to stay!!

its true, food here.. welll u cant say its cheap.. its freaking expensive and they dun have alot of variety of fish! hmm.. i miss fish from sekenjang- somewhere in msia la.. omg.. i actually missed fishes rather den other stuff.. they onyl eat cod and salmon here.. woi.. dun eat until so rich leh.. haha the chicken over here right.. i did a few times of cleaning chicken and the chicken here.. really resembles the ppl here.. the chicken fats accumulate like they have been sitting on auto wheel chairs since they were born!.. erm.. come to think of it.. chickens here do led a sad life.. since ur born.. ur destined to just die when u get older enuf or reached the required size.. they just seem to give up in running and make frens with other chickens from the next pen.. haha i think my readers are about to close the window edi so.. yea back to some interesting stuff.

wages here.. u earn a minimum wage of 5pound.. and i can survive with only less den 15 pounds a week.. so how to not be rich here leh?? well i haven consider stuff like insurance and tax la.. but still.. like wat robin said.. work for 2 weeks = 40 hrs. u can buy a PS3 edi.. wtf right? hehe im waiting for him to buy.. =P

mm sheffield is a.. mountain place.. hate goin to uni.. and to city centre.. cuz both are like.. on the hillside and my home is like under the hill.. and the morning cold weather.. seriously.. when climbing hills and cold weather add up.. its really demotivating u to go uni.. so far it ALMOST gotten both of us.. haha have to motivate each other to ensure we reach there.. oh bout my class.. well we're the only 2 msian.. there are.. 5-6 china ppl.. and the others are either white or black or look like terrorist.. aint that simple to catergories them =) oh spain guys are really good looking.. sat in front of me one day and seriously i feel like im making the class look ugly.. can the ppl here stop looking like celebs!!! haha i met japense too! wow.. just like anime la the voice.. and their english.. thou they try very hard to slow down.. i dun think they pronounce it properly either.. "hey im jason, wats ur name?" "mah namme.. harruuki/hi.. nice to meet you" " sorry wats ur name again?" "harruhi/ki" (okay imagine saying that word in like.. less den 0.3 seconds) "huh?" "ha.. ruu.. haru.. hii... just call me harruu" "okay nice to meet u haru, right?" haha! i dun think just knowing english is sufficient to live in japan..

well notthingham games is starting this weekend and i hope to see all my msian frens over there! its gonna be a mini fxc gathering, 1st time in UK!! woohoo!! and just so u guys know.. time diff has chged so.. uk-msia is 8 hrs whereas uk-aussie is 11 hrs.. dats almost like.. half a day wei.. hmm.. running out of topic edi so i might as well just end it la.. till next time den! oh and i just realised celeste had a new song out edi.. 2nd one.. haven gotten to listen yet cuz for some reason.. i cant load it.. so pls celeste if u can send me the song la boleh tak =) and look.. i've blogged!! haha! anyways check it out guys! feel free to just comment on her song.. masih muda.. can take critisism and sarcasm de ;) haha!


ts in the process of learning take nice photographs :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


is something that we all should learn and practice. there will be a time when everything comes to you negatively and you will need to hang on. there is always a solution to every problem and if it comes in a bulk.. we just have to take things slow.. one step at a time and handle things slowly! dun ever think of giving up as u would never know wat u would accomplish if u give up on something. everything can be done with preseverance.
well anyway its been VERY long since i had blogged edi.. i looked at my previous entry.. lol! so long ago man.. i already stopped working already and im leaving to UK very soon!! haha university of sheffield :) well i had a very busy schedule ever since i chose to enter this uni and let me tell u this.. life is like prison break during those days.. everything i do had an obstacle and need to think of a solution to get pass it! boy.. those days.. haha i think i had a few insomaniac nights.. i never had problems wif sleeping in my life!! seems that this uni stuff is really big big stuff or maybe its just those feelings.. away from msia and ur family and frens..

well currently everythings is quite settled edi.. but still theres this major obstacle.. the visa.. haha i really hope i can get it asap so i can get my air ticket la.. den i can settle down and go do some shopping =P i need like a day of rest man!! i wan a massage!! i wanna relax!!! well like i said.. perserverance! time will pass by very quickly and i will finish this mess very soon :)

haha anyway i have a few things to kai siu! like i normally do in my early entries =)

a) TIMELESS. (by Khalil Fong)

haha i know i know.. some ppl dun reli liked his way of singing and some also dun like his look.. especially the glasses.. haha well heck hu cares! he is a damn good singer and thats the fact! haha okay in this album. basically i only focus on one song, red bean! well the others is.. not to say not nice la.. its nice but its all ENGLISH! not dat i have smth against english but i still prefer mr fong to sing in chinese! haha! and red bean this song is BEAUTIFUL! very nicely rearranged and i think is one of his best songs ever! haha can u believe i fell in love in that song when i first heard it! omg.. haha love love love that song man!.. sounds gay.. i know.. but.. he is my one and only fan! =P

okay next!
b) Hitch

haha i know. this is a 2005 show but astro played it again on star movies recently and i was watching it ytd. i have to say.. this show is the best romantic story i had ever seen b4 in my life! think i didnt really pay attention when i was younger.. u know.. 2005.. im 15.. and yea.. still not DAT mature.. haha anyway i like the part where he described that he was.. 'falling' 'people jump and leap as thats wat i takes to achieve a success and they wonder where and when they will land.. they keep on falling and wonder.. when will the fall stop..' (looking at eva mendes) 'you make me feel that im falling' haha deep right.. i also not sure u guys would und wat i said but anyway.. watch it if u got the chance alright?!!! XD
haha kla kla.. dats all for this entry!

Friday, August 21, 2009

the grey sky

bout genting trip.. haha lazy to write it la.. go visit ckm's blog la.. lovely description there =)

the weather nowadays.. whenever i'm walking home.. its always grey looking.. goin to rain.. and most of the time it drizzled b4 i reached the train station.. haha many times i just felt like standing there.. letting the rain fall on me.. wonder how it feels like.. comfortable?.. soothing? does it clear your mind.. wet? haha! definately wet and u'll get sick!

haha let u guys know abit my lil secret.. its reli smth absurd and funny la cuz i thought of this when i was a kid.. it seems dat whenever i feel sad or depressed or just.. simply unhappy.. the weather it always like dat.. raining.. kinda made me think dat my emotion caused the weather to chg! haha how silly of me last time when i was a kid. =P

no im not sad! im just very tired whenever after work and somehow.. it just takes a smile from some stranger or if u did something good for some stranger to totally chg ur mood! it makes u happy de.. other den dat.. yea i was bugged by certain stuff dat made me unhappy.. i felt like i wasted alot of time.. lookin back at it.. it was reli something dat would not happen.. it could be avoided.. im just not strong enuf.. oh for ur info.. it has nth to do wif gals! haha ts is gal free minded =) lol so dun simple go guessing k?

haha it does felt abit better if u write stuff out.. lol smth to fill this empty lookin blog.. haha my blog aint suppose to be like dat.. it suppose to make ppl smile! so.. sorry guys!!

lol im goin dinner if PE5 in awhile!! XD lol its gonna be one of the last moments we get together edi.. hope i have fun later =)

hmm.. aussie or canada? oh yea everyone.. no. of cases rising edi for h1n1.. so just try to avoid keep goin to crowded places k? =) haha and waterfall trip comin up soon! XD till den..


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Free.. Free.. Free..

streamyx pro....motion! free wifi modem! free register! free pc!

think i said dat line got like thousand times edi.. damn kao sien edi! haha anyway its been awhile since i visit you.. my dear blog.. haha cuz of this dumb work of mine la.. its like draining out all my energy.. shit la.. i feel headache everynight i look at my comp screen..

okay back to topic! last last weekend i worked at PC Fair as Streamyx promoter.. and i had good, weird and extremely funny memories over that weekend. other den meeting up wif some really old frens, wms frens, college frens, even tuition staff frens, i also get to know new frens while working.

day 1 was.. kinda blur to me and nth much happened.. except for bumpin into some recognized ppl..

day 2 was.. kinda memorable to yy robin and ye cuz they saw a facial expression from me dat they never seen b4.. haha i was dammmmnnn down cuz no sales.. due to.. this guy over here..

introducing! FREE! robin gave him that name cuz.. of his selling skill! okay some history about this free guy and us.. he on the 2nd day was one of the most guai lan guy in TM booth.. reason? cuz he was snatching all our customers by attracting their attention away from us.. i was damn damn damn pissed of him.. no sales.. i totally gave up on selling edi.. den after 7.. i got myself a business plan! but till now theres no news so.. i dun care edi la.. anyway at least it made me motivated again and i continue to sell more!

okay so day 3 wasnt much diff from day 2.. sales is ever hard to make but the funny thing is dat.. we all make up wif that free guy! cuz he taught us how to get customers! haha i have to say.. it was hell funny! dat guy.. hahaaha! he made me and robin laugh till we couldnt even stand straight! crazy funny! haha! the routine goes like this..

-> no PIKOM official? go few booth away from streamyx booth! (oh yea i forgot to mention how annoyin are those pikom officials.. we were forced to surround the streamyx booth and can only leave the booth within the boundary of.. like 20 cm from the booth.. if not.. they will scold us and threaten us to throw us out from this pc fair.. haha we get to see arguements from other booths wif PIKOM! It was damn funny! lol)

->go and ask ALL customers about streamyx. how to start conversation.. it goes like this..

->'hi sir, freeeeee! streamyx freeee! FREE punya!! free! im serious! free!!'

apparently the word 'free' seems like the magic word.. the uncle would go.. 'HUH?! free? wat free stuff??' haha its funny la the way free guy persuades his customers..

-> if the customer responds.. that poor customer is dead edi! sure need to either upgrade or buy a new package.. this is how he continue to persuade..' wahh today very many ppl! masuk dulu.. ahhh.. minum teh.. slowly talk slowly talk.. teh free punya!' LOL me and robin burst into laughter after hearing him say dat.. since when we serve customers TEH at PC fair??? haha!!

as long as the customer gets to out booth.. the seniors will do anything to settle a deal and dats how we get our sales.. yea cruel but its VERY effective.. haha! i just kept laughin whenever he starts to pull in the customer.. they look so afraid of that free guy some of them.. straight away run away from him! lol!

anyway i have to thank him in the end for helpin me gain back some.. used-to-be-mine-sales.. haha at least he enlightened my last day of work! we shouted alot for the 3 days! love to shout man! and den there is the incantation of yee eng and yeun yi.. yea.. something bout free gifts and promotion.. with a reli scary rhythm.. -.-' i had alot of fun there!

so this is our group! and the lady in the center is our boss! haha nice woman.. gave us free pendrive in the end! haha!

so.. genting post maybe i'll do later la.. tired edi.. haven bathe yet! so.. ciao! =)